About Bloom

Bloom (ain't I a flower?) is an art installation planned for Spring 2020 in Atlanta, GA. Beginning with ethnographic, oral stories, local artists create or share work inspired by the women and stories featured. The installation will be part exhibition of original work and projected work. The center of the projected work will be the voices and image of the featured Black women costumed  as life-size dandelion flowers. They will be place in situations and locations around Metro Atlanta's historically Black neighborhoods that collectively create a narrative.

Bloom was originally a play written and produced off off broadway in 1997. It began with the idea of seeing dandelions as a metaphor for Black women and became a full production of Black women on stage and behind-the-scenes that captured the imagination of all those who saw it. 

Over 20 years later, artist-curator Hanifah Walidah, comes by an article stating that there are over 75,000 missing Black women and girls in America and "no one knows their name". Over 20 years later, she, moves from New York to Atlanta, Georgia and immediately sees a similar story of gentrification being played out. 1) the changing of neighborhood names, gentrifiers inability to see the inherit value and placing greater value in their contributions; and the accessibility to and lack of voice in development of neighborhoods. 

The connection between the dandelion, black women and black neighborhoods become the seeds to new work debuting at Arts Exchange Atlanta, May 9 .

Bloom deduces that with these stories, come value and empathy. With visibility comes agency and change. Without new forms of visibility, Black women's stories remain missing; their neighborhoods begin to disappear. 

To be a dandelion, as defined in this project, is to embrace the magic in undervalued bodies. Bloom uses the tools of visibility, magic-realism and metaphor to share the love, work and possibilities of black women's relationship with the neighborhoods they inhabit. How do we make metaphor of how black women and girls still rise like dandelions despite the weight of societal concrete?  

Where often the single goal of most art exhibitions is to sell original work, Bloom will be no different, but we also want to provide a means for patrons to buy prints and alleviate stress surrounding artists' bottom line. All participating artists will make prints available via the Bloom website.

Bloom will be promoting the art experience throughout its run via Facebook and Instagram ads. These ads will feature the art work, their creative process, exhibition participants and sponsors. 

APPLICATION DEADLINE: APRIL 1, 2020 or until all artists are selected.
Please simply DM us on Instagram stating your interest, questions and your Instagram acct. or website.
We are prioritizing Atlanta based artists but are open to artist's living in the US who's work speaks to the subject matter. 
Out of state artists will be apart of the projected images unless shipping is paid by artist.
Artists selected will be given sections of the initial interview as fodder to create or share work.
Artists are responsible for hand delivering

SPONSOR A DANDELION: We would like to approach funding Bloom in a way better aligned with our mission to highlight neighborhood value. Neighborhoods are made, in part, when business sustains. If you are a business or organization located in any one of Atlanta's Historical Neighborhoods, you can sponsor a dandelion from your neighborhood or one who's story best aligns with your business. Sponsorship ranges from being featured in the exhibition as a featured neighborhood presence to being featured in our facebook and Instagram as promoting the event.
Sponsorship can be monetary or in kind.
Individuals are also welcomed to become sponsors. Please review the sponsor tiers below.

Facebook/Instagram Ad placement $300

Exhibit Feature $150

Individual and Neighborhood Sponsorship $50 or more.

In-Kind Sponsorship


WANNA VOLUNTEER? If you an artist lover or just love your neighborhood! We could use your help with setup, artist assistance and opening night. Please click the button and fill out a short form. We will contact shortly after.


Hanifah Walidah has had a 25 year career in music, theater, film and education.  A native New Yorker hoping to contribute to the great cultural incubator that is the city of Atlanta. 

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