NFT and XR experiences retelling the future stories of  the Diaspora.

What we do.

We support artists across mediums to cultivate
cultural agency, value and revenue on the blockchain and in real life.

We are not a service. We are fellow artists, collaborators and curators.

Blockchain Edu

The artists invited to collaborate are educated about NFT culture and economy to assure artist and project success.

NFT Curation

Each MA40AM curatorial project is supported with creative direction, development and marketing of NFT Drops.

XR Experiences

MA40AM creatively directs and develops NFT projects reimagined as an XR experience.

Our curations are enjoyed by many, respected by more and owned by its creators.

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Upcoming Curations

Atomix Dog Collection

One night in the Summer of 2000, Atlanta, GA, George Clinton sat on his bed in a hotel room, with just a light from the nightstand, engrossed in creating some art with a handful of colored markers.

Though, color-blind, Clinton was in the early years of defining himself as a visual artist and created art the same way he created music; start with something and feel it through to completion.
That same work of art was gifted to the person who provided him his evening pre-show snacks.
17 years later, we are again inspired  by George the artist, and his  generosity.

The Atomix Dog Collection is regifting this original work of art to a handful of select artists  to reinterpret as NFT collectibles. 

More information to come.

The Majesticons Return to Party

The Majesticons, a hip hop opera,  produced by Mike Ladd was released on BIg Dada/Ninja Tunes Records in 2003. A follow up to The Infesticons, released in 2000.  In the 1990's New York's underground was a different kind of party. An eclectic mix of MCs and wordsmiths; Bebop's grandbabies and Hip Hop's first offspring. Both operas featured a long list of artists from this boom poetic generation, such as EL-P (RTJ), Mike Ladd, Mums the Schemer, Sha-key aka Hanifah Walidah, Liza Jesse Peterson and others.

MA40AM revisits this rare album unpacking the Bling era in Hip Hop, where every song offers both a NFT and VR party experience of absurd indulgence.  

More information to come.

The Doo Collection

Matt Doo was an artist whose work was seen and felt throughout NYC  and Hip Hop in the 1990s. His work could be seen in almost every Hip Hop magazine at the time, including on the debut cover  of the first online hip hop magazine, Guillotine (strictly for the Heads. Doo, known to those who knew him best, was most remembered for one of the more mesmerizing album covers in Hip Hop,  Organized Konfusion's "Stress LP".


Unfortunately,  Doo tragically took his own life in 1999.  22 years later, on what would be his 50th birth year his work and spirit is brought to life by NFT technology. 

To be confirmed.

Wacom's World

South African anime artist, Wacom, has created an alien world populated by magical and powerful beings along the queer spectrum. MA40AM is curating collaborations between his work and queer Hip Hop/Soul artists who will embody the story and spirit of these beings. This is in step with our mission to use NFT collaborations to create added brand value and economic equity for all involved. We are excited to introduce this incredible project and artist to the NFT market.

More information to come.  

Founder, Head Curator

Hanifah Walidah, also known as Sha-Key, has enjoyed a 30 year career as a global performer and collaborating artist across mediums. An early tech visionary, she created the first online hip hop magazine, Guillotine, and  since has always had one foot in technology and the other in the arts.  

Hanifah Walidah

Stage-wrecka, Storyteller,

MA40AM Manifesta

We (black) artists     work

in our silos


universe of    mine

and spirit

We work
flesh from bone  

tears from reserves
watering joy

in cemented cracks

defiance of dandelions
the pleasure of medicine and     magic


We friend our fears
smile in strange places


our work           has more value
when made      alone

One name hovers
over others
if  any


Our brilliant ideas debate
the greater continuum

Our goals are owned
Our dreams
our own

These things
we think
we accept  
the spotlight
and squint to see

But this
was whispered to me

There something else
in the air
in the breaths

snatched away

A new generation of ghosts  
getting settled in
for the dig ahead

Dear Artists of the Diaspora either entering or settling into the NFT art space, I’m writing to you now,

The promises of NFT technology to transform the art and music industry is tethered to a slow changing world? What, if anything, is transformed, but the means of distribution and allocation; which is code, not culture? This is where you come in.

Art is not what you do, but how.

The ability to tell a story and develop community around it is the work we hope to cultivate here.  We strongly believe in collaboration as an artform.

MA40AM is a curatorial series and advisory helping to define and give agency to Diasporic voices with NFT and XR technology. As curator, I imagine and bring together collaborative teams of creatives that support a story, then shape experiences around those stories as leverage to firmly place Black cultural influence and sovereign economy in both the tangible and intangible worlds.  

To be enjoyed by all but owned by its creators. 

New Technology only dares us to change.

For some, MA40AM is collaborator, creative director, manager, auntie and/or project based agent but MA40AM will never be a label, gallery or gatekeeper.  If you can't or don't wish to work specifically with us we still stand to provide artists the education and pathways to own their art, careers and legacy. 

MA40AM How we do

Each collection is a collaboration between creators from 2 or more mediums. We are collaboration based with the intent to elevate the profile and value of emerging/mid-tier artists of the Diaspora in the NFT and XR arena. 

In the case of legacy projects, the original piece is sold separate but apart of the wider collection. The collection is made by the reinterpretation of the original supporting the above. 

Each NFT tells the beginning of a never-ending story or parable that supports a set of characters or connected (historical/future) events or works. 
Each NFT sold on the market  is split equally between primary contributor, artist or Seller with collaborative artists.

MA40AM reserves a 20% split off the top through the life of the work and resells.

Each work within a collection has a coinciding patronage copy for sale using the Harberger Radical Markets protocol. This is to secure artist royalties, contributes to the MA40AM DAO and supports social causes close to collaborating artists. Contact us at for more information. 

Each NFT collection (if applicable) is extended into a VR (Virtual Reality) and/or AR (Augmented Reality), ie XR  experience facilitated by our partners and MA40AM social tokens (MUSE).

MA40AM curates a specific collection from seed to fruit but does not reserve any claim over artist copyrights  of original or future works.   

The role of MA40AM curation? 
Most people see curators as tastemakers or playlist makers.  Yes, we do see/hear how artists compliment and connect to create a story. But we also help direct, write and at times, when artistically applicable,  perform the story being told. Mainly, we are creative director, NFT development, manage equitable payouts, marketing and placement of the NFT on the market(s). We act as creative lead/visionary in carrying that story to XR spaces. 

When working with us, wee teach our artists how to fish so to support their place in the market beyond the terms of our curatorial relationship. 
In other words we are not here just to  place art on a white wall. We are artist, art itself, future builders and not here for the shiznits.

What does MA40AM mean?
Ma(my) or MA (Mama Africa) or Ma (Rainey), my muse and the first black music mogul.
40AM means 40 Acres and a Muse.

What is the MA40AM logo?
The logo is a cotton spaceship. Sit with that.
On one hand it is an escape vehicle, fueled by the same plant that built a nation, and on the other a conversation around value, the creative threads of culture, reunification and economic freedom. 

MA40AM Partners and Friends

Copyright by B909 Craetive LLC and MA40AM NFT and XR Curation 2019 - All Rights Reserved.